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We know you’ve heard stories that have inspired you to run 26.2 miles. Now it’s your turn to motivate others. Share your story by emailing us your experience and we may feature on our website, in our print publications or used in our communication to the media.
Telling us the reasons why you have decided to participate in the 2014 Park City Marathon. When completed, please forward the document to: info(@)

Runners 1The Park City Marathon has been an integral part of my tri training.  I was able to compete for the last 2 years at the half distance, allowing me to ride the following day without being to fried for competition.  There is a great diversity of talent and everybody is having a great time.


Janet Sporadico -2011

Son What a great event to experience with my kids. I’ve had a great time training with my son and daughter for big race day. And when it was time for the big day we were siked to see a bunch of other kids also enjoying the day with their parents as well.


Todd, Jeff and Missy -2010

5 thoughts on “INSPIRATION

  1. My partner of 33 years died of cancer last June. He noticed that my running had taken a back seat while caring for him. Before he died he asked me to run a marathon for him after he had gone into the light. This was for you Jonathan!

  2. I live at 800 feet elevation in North Carolina, and just registered for the Park City Half Marathon (it happens to be the same weekend that I will be visiting Park City – for the first time! – with my family for vacation). Any tips for preparing for the elevation?

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